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nfoWare Is Being Repaved.

Migration to a new server introduced a number of problems that require repairs.  In addition to those defects, some older pages also need to be modified and reorganized for consistency across all of nfoWare.  While the site is being repaved to accomplish both kinds of improvements, you may notice discrepancies and problems with links to site content.

Check the Site Repaving Project pages for additional details on the known defects and the approach to correction and upgrade.  Contact the nfoWare author with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


  2007-08-11 When Toolcraft is ready, make the new nfoWare cover with room for announcement, etc., on the model of NuovoDoc.
  2007-08-04 Review the subordinate construction structures and construction zones for case-sensitivity among page names, URL links, link texts, and text mentions: _private, bits, construction, data, dev, glossary, images, meaning, notes, projects, text, toolcraft, trust, xml
  2007-08-04 While performing reviews, identify any additional adjustments that are required to have consistency with the latest formats, styles, and organization of materials.
  2007-08-04 Document the construction structure principles under the appropriate template documents so that this is not always being implemented and deviated from memory.
  2007-08-04 Also make sure there are no-follows in the bottom of everything in the templates.
  2007-08-11 General rambles in the notes below should be moved to the nfoNotes Diary & Job Jar without waiting for it to be repaved.
  2004-01-12 Add an index.htm for the eMail section.
  2004-01-12 Add an eMail section.  This is for confirmable experiences around e-mail and also what is accomplished with it.  One thing to explore is whether eMessage is any different, or a precursor, or what.  [dh:2007-08-08 I wonder if it should be simply "messaging" with e-mail as a special case, working our way up to other kinds of messaging including peer-to-peer and instant messaging, with protocols like XMPP, RSS, and Atom Publishing.]
  2004-01-12 I don't have a good idea of how notes will somehow lead to there being content pages in different sections here, such as bits, data, bytes, pixels, text, meaning, etc. [dh:2007-08-09 We now know that this will be done with the FrontPage Extensions Include Page functionality.  This works at maintenance time and is completely maintainable.  We require nothing special of the hosted-site server.]
  2004-01-12 I want to use eMail as an example of confirmable experience.  Bill and I are having lots of experiences around e-mail security, around signing e-mail, and even simple things like getting e-mail content from one place to another.  I am thinking about how simple it is and how difficult it is to work out.   This also shows up in the context of text.  So I need to figure out how many sections to create here for starters, and what to do about making them confirmable experiences.  I think I will have to do something about this.
  2004-01-10 Hmm, where would I deal with anti-virus software and protections like that?  If not here, where?  Certainly trust points with regard to monkeying with files and file systems and running processes (getting launched into memory in various ways - boot sector, programs, startup process, etc.).
  2004-01-08 Vicki's machine had something weird happen to it that is symptomatic of a virus/worm assault.  I am running an emergency Norton Antivirus scan from a CD-ROM, and the machine is off the net.  This is an opportunity for documenting a lot about installing XP Pro, once I figure out how to rescue the data her damaged Windows 98 system has on it.  Not exactly what I meant to be doing here, and it may keep me away for a while.
  2004-01-08 Bill Anderson said that reviewing the site as it is today brought up things he wants to say there.  We talked about creating places to collaborate using the site.  A wiki, though in the cards, is too hard to bring up on a commercially-hosted server and I want to do something simpler.  One thing I can do is create a subdirectory that has a special user ID for FTP.   Band and Bill Kent (if he chooses to play) could have accounts that provided access to the shared FTP space.  This is actually one of the easiest things to do.  The other step is to create a blog that is mapped to the site from blogger.  This allows us to make notes and to have archives of them, but it doesn't do a lot about creating organized content.  So the challenge here is to come up with something simple for early collaborative activities.  E-mail works now, and we haven't tried much else.  We can do e-mail for now, actually.
  2004-01-08 I just got off the phone with Bill Anderson.  He suggested "laboratory" for a kind of section.  We're scientists, we need laboratories.  I think that goes in some places, maybe on nfoWare too.  Certainly in the glossary project, and I have added that in the mention from nfoWare.htm.
  2004-01-08 In the index.htm construction history block, decide how I want cloaking to work in all of the links there.  I think there is something to do about some of them.  Also, should these make sense whether I am cloaked or uncloaked when the page is viewed?  Does this over-constrain the page, and how do I rationalize it? (There is uncloaked access to construction from standard pages such as nfoWare.htm, so take that into consideration on the use of a, an, etc.)
  2004-01-08 On index.htm make the link in the text paragraph to an site, and do the dual-flavored links - anchored at "an" and domain for the domain mention.  Make the last-paragraph "default" reference use the same page, so that cloaking is not dropped automatically.
  2004-01-08 See if it is worthwhile to rent,, and too.  I think not but it wouldn't hurt.
  2004-01-08 I need to preserve my writings in a place where the links to them on nfoCentrale sites or publications are at least archived so that I can recover them if ever needed.  That also applies to material that I glean from the Internet and rely on.  I can give credit to the original source, but I also need some way to be able to produce the cited material if it every becomes important to do that.  At the same time, I must not redistribute such material.  Something to work out on Orcmid's Lair as well as here, I think.
  2004-01-08 I will be referring to Readings and Bibliographies in Orcmid's Lair and elsewhere.  I need to have those pages retrofit to the current nfoCentrale construction styles and practices as being exhibited and updated here.  
  2004-01-08 I have a simple basis for Notes here.  Retrofit this to the Notes on Miser-theory where this came from.
  2004-01-07 I am writing this here because it is the page I am looking at.  I guess I could have used my notebook, but here I am.  There are topics such as Web and CD-ROM that fit into the electronic publishing that dmWare is.  More to list somewhere.
  2004-01-07 Will we take on OHS here?  How do we keep this straight separate from Situating XML and also getting into higher levels, such as Situating Documents (which I am willing to do as part of Situating Data just to be ornery).  This can fit into the spiral plan (oh, wow) and it does raise some questions about complete cuts of the dmWare CD as a companion to print versions and as an orderable unit from the web site.
  2004-01-07 Use the Manning eBook I have to walk myself through the familiarization with .NET and the basic concepts
  2004-01-07 Move open-source and other-source directories and collections to Compagno
  2004-01-07 Install .NET SDK on Compagno in preparation for being able to develop .NET elements for nfoWare
  2004-01-06 Add cloaked up-links out of title blocks of standard pages
  2004-01-05 When cloaking is operating, work on replacing the Hard Hat Stage image and include pages with something representative of Data.
  2004-01-02 Since I will be doing open source, how about creating a license that I can name and create a SourceForge project for nfoWare.
  2004-01-02 I supposed cryptography might be appropriate, but code signing certainly is.  Look at whether there needs to be nfoWare as a signature and therefore as a mail alias.  Expand on this.
  2004-01-02 Create a project around the registration/assertion of naming and the signing of things.  This influences the structure of download materials and also the directories here, for locating javadocs, for locating RSS feeds, for locating other things via identifiers that are issued and used.
  2004-01-02 Create projects and tracking for a FAQ, support, and downloads section.
  2004-01-02 Consider whether there should be a wiki here and who should play in it?  Reflect in project or notes activity.  This is certainly an useful place to have discussions on what is data, etc.
2004-01-02 Create something that will work for the nfoWare logo and image.  Make at least a generic one.  Choose the color scheme to be used on standard pages.  [I have used a Hard-Hat Stage idea, and not done anything unusual about standard pages yet dh:2004-01-05][dh:2007-08-05 Make a default page that works more like the NuovoDoc front page and the ODMdev pages]
2004-01-10 There are already notes on toolcraft-related topics in the nfoWare notes diary.  The toolcraft provides a section for talking about that, relating what is important and how to get it to work with nfoWare, etc.
2007-08-04 Have the construction structure be consistent all the way down in how construction zones are linked and how construction-structure images links upward to the appropriate construction zone, or other superior structure. [dh:2007-08-11 This has been figured out and is being carried out as we repave.  The toolcraft structure is complete as is the Front Porch.  All others will be tied into the front porch in exactly the same way as toolcraft, and their completions will be marked in the same way.]
done 2007-08-09 Revamp the index.htm using a table in the same manner as the Construction Zone tabulation.  Review that one too, based on the insights recorded on #58.118-119.
2007-08-08 nfoWare.htm should not be a duplicate of the construction structure.  It should appeal to the Construction Zone for that.  Fix that after creating a note that generates the nfoWare.htm page.  nfoWare.htm should be about what nfoWare is and what will be available here, over time.  [dh:2008-08-09 That actually works, already, especially since the Construction Structure is being simplifed to connect at the index.htm and construction zone levels.]
2006-01-17 Factor the front porch treatment of ODMdev back to nfoWare. [dh:2007-08-09 We have refined things so we now need to factor the other way.]
done 2007-08-08 construction.htm: Provide a repaired explanation of the links out of pages other than index.htm pages.
done 2007-08-08 construction.htm: Verify that the anchor site construction zone can be found using this up-link.  [dh:2007-08-08 no, it doesn't work and it can't because the browser has no idea what URL to compose and it is no longer going to give dots to the destination site.  This leads to a change in the overall approach to linking.  (See #58.118).
2007-08-05 When the front porch is repaved, be sure to use the correct name for the Construction Project Office Material Section.
2007-08-04 Review the front porch for case-sensitive consistency among page names, URL links, link texts, and text mentions.
2007-08-07 Reflect change to "Construction Material" in index.htm and nfoWare.htm
done 2007-08-08 index.htm Make a quick pass that has this page be all about nfoWare, but with more work needed to provide a full-up construction structure.
done 2007-08-08 Correct the naming of the default on the index.htm page
done 2007-08-08 Update the default.htm copyright notice to extend to 2007
done 2007-08-08 Update hosted-site image and remove default.asp from the site along with adding default.htm for the Front Porch.
done 2007-08-08 Correct title to use "c000000" rather than "C"
done 2007-08-07 Replace default.asp by default.htm
done 2007-08-07 Have all .txt files served up as UTF-8.  This provides consistency for code files as well as HTML files.  See how I did that on ODMdev.  See the .htaccess file for devNotes.
done 2007-08-05 Move items that are on general and global matters to here from the Construction Material Construction Zone job jar.
done 2007-08-04 Add repaving project here for the Front Porch repaving and the Construction Structure repaving
done 2006-08-31 Add construction zone for the InfoNuovo front porch, and begin managing the upgrade of the front porch to have managed construction structure.  [dh:2007-08-04 This page was being shared with the nfoWare page, which accounts for the weirdness.]
Revision History:
0.01 2007-08-04-15:42 Separate from Content and Begin Repaving
The "anchor" construction structure for was inadvertently shared here and not branched.  This led to peculiary merging of material intended for different purposes.  This page is now completely split for nfoWare.  The material is irrelevant because the site is gone and there is a new nfoCentrale anchor site layer.
0.00 2006-08-31-12:57 Add Construction Zone
The zone diary and job jar from is customized for use in the construction zone at the front porch of  The anchor site is to be updated to follow nfoCentrale styles and structure.   Because and will be served by the same site, with identical content, this anchor material is designed to be usable for either domain.  How the identically-named pages from each site are blended will be solved later.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

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