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in progress 2007-08-07 Conduct review of the Construction Material content using that section's Construction Zone
in progress 2007-08-04 Conduct repaving of all of the construction structure starting from the front-porch Construction Zone [follow the ODMdev model][dh:2007-08-10 We have improved on the ODMdev model and it will need to be back-factored to ODMA and ODMdev, as well as elsewhere.]
  2007-08-30 c070801c: The different inserts should list the nature of the style inclusions.  It is going to be important to repave construction/templates/00/ with the information that applies to styles.  For normal documents, there are important styles for catalogs, diary & job jars, etc. There need to be templates for folios (that would handle some of this) too.  Some of this could be at the level also.
  2007-08-29 Move the "conforms to" to all other places where Repaving Projects are enacted so far: ODMdev, ODMA, elsewhere?
  2007-08-29 The explicit conformance and the overall pattern needs to be enacted on TROSTing and reflected as an element of trustworthiness.
  2007-08-02 c070801: Create a table that shows what modifications were done and when they were done.
  2007-08-02 c070801: There should be a link to the construction structure and construction zone descriptions when they are available.  This is for checking on changes that may be pending or in progress that someone might review when verifying a problem.
done 2007-08-29 c070801: Reflect in the construction materials catalog.
done 2007-08-29 c070801c4: Share to the hosted-site image
2007-08-29 c070801c: Reflect the "conforms to" insertion in the available inserts.
done 2007-08-29 c070801c4: I need a "conforms to the Repaving Project principles" for new material so that I can explicitly reflect that it is covered.
2007-08-04 Conduct review of the ToolCraft section content using the Toolcraft Diary & Job Jar
done 2007-08-02 c070801c: Reflect the presence of the Construction Material Repaved insert
done 2007-08-11 c070801c3: Create for Content Material repaved notice
done 2007-08-10 c070801c: Reflect the presence of the construction-completion symbol.
2007-08-02 c070801c2: Create a completed indicator so that we know that the particular operation was completed successfully.  Use a dark green font and borders instead of the red.  [dh:2007-08-10 We need two completion indicators.  One for construction structure, one for content.  This one will be for construction structure.]
2007-08-04 Conduct repaving of the ToolCraft section construction structure using that Construction Zone
2007-08-02 Get the rules down for construction structure organization so that it can be maintained consistently all the way.   Follow the lead of ODMdev.  [dh:2007-08-10 We are following an approach that was refined here and that will be documented here and then back-factored to ODMdev, ODMA, etc.]
2007-08-02 Reflect on the Front Porch construction zone and also elevate the existing notes for repaving under the in progress elements
done 2007-08-04 Create the first round of repaving tasks in the applicable job jars, along with use of the repaving-notice insert.
2007-08-02 Publish the folio for test confirmation before final adjustments and inclusion of the announcement in any other material.
2007-08-02 c070801c1: Update the include page to provide an appropriate description for ODMdev
2007-08-02 Customize the least involved to provide the nfoWare repaving project: c070801c1, c070801c, c070801b1, c070801b.
done 2007-08-02

Customize this page for immediate usage.  Borrow items from ODMdev c070701 that also apply here.

Revision History:
0.01 2007-08-04-15:09 Commence the First Round of Repaving
Establish the structures for carrying out the repaving specified in the 2007-08-04 announcement
0.00 2007-08-02-14:37 Create Initial Materials
Customize for immediate use in creating the repaving project, then capturing defects and arranging to repair them.

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