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nfoWare Is Being Repaved.

Migration to a new server introduced a number of problems that require repairs.  In addition to those defects, some older pages also need to be modified and reorganized for consistency across all of nfoWare.  While the site is being repaved to accomplish both kinds of improvements, you may notice discrepancies and problems with links to site content.

Check the Site Repaving Project pages for additional details on the known defects and the approach to correction and upgrade.  Contact the nfoWare author with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


  2007-08-05 Change it to Construction Material as part of the review of templates and the 20007/08/c070801 material
  2007-08-05 c000003: Codify the Construction Structure of the site and the practices around maintaining a coherent, connected construction structure with related construction zones and this construction section.
  2007-08-05 c000004: The Construction Material coverage should be related to the Construction Structure case.
  2007-08-05 Revamp the construction structure of this construction section in line with the policies: front porch, 2007, templates [dh:2007-08-09 Use the refined structure illustrated by the front porch and sketched there.]
  2007-08-05 We need a badge or some other indicator that reveals which style-level and construction structure level a section is consistent with.  Backtracking the HTML links map from the badge link should guide us in finding all places that are at a particular level and not at a later one.
  2007-08-05 Replace all Cnnnnnn occurrences with cnnnnnn occurrences in the Construction folder.  This is to provide consistency of mentions with the actual file names. 
  2007-08-04 Document the construction structure principles under the appropriate template documents so that this is not always being implemented and deviated from memory.
  2007-08-04 Also make sure there are no-follows in the bottom of everything in the templates.
  2006-01-19 Cleanup the nfoWare construction/ level to reflect the backfactoring of the structure used with ODMdev.
  2005-12-26 I would like to revert to the construction structure used in the /dev refresh.  This is cleaner and matches the folio model.
in progress 2004-01-08 Correct the construction-material "You are here" block to not go to "" where the link says "".  Review the block for proper operation cloaked or uncloaked.
in progress 2004-01-08 Now that is working, I need to proof-read the links and adjust any that need to be corrected or made cloaking-consistent.  I also need to write down the rules so that I follow them consistently.  Checked: default.asp, index.htm, nfoWare.htm, C00000a.htm
  2006-01-19 Customize C000005 to fit nfoWare
  2006-01-19 Customize C000004 to fit nfoWare
  2006-01-19 Customize C000003 to fit nfoWare
  2005-12-24 The construction section needs to be overhauled to provide decent-sized thumbnails and icons.  Find an nfoWare logo.
  2004-03-14 Protect the WS-Inspection proposal document that I captured, using the techniques proposed for preserving sources and provenance without republishing.  Don't link those documents to anything until I have the citation part figured out.  It means putting my public key on the site and having toolcraft set up (well, starting out bare-footed) so the verification and disclosure process can be run.
  2004-03-06 Make sure nfoWare properly used in the construction structures and in the notes section.
  2004-02-29 Make sure that all pages in this section have the correct title block fonts and styles.  Review the index pages of all sections and propogate this into other construction zones, as in notes.  The model is the /project section
  2004-02-29 Make sure that all pages in this section have the correct time-stamp fonts in the grounding block.  Review the index pages of all sections and propogate this into other construction zones, as in notes.
  2004-02-29 On the policies for the front page of nfoWare, add accessibility as well as privacy statements.  
  2004-02-29 Is there something I can do using includes to make for consistency of title blocks?  Is this something that I could use later to also extend to CSS and maybe accessibility?
  2004-02-29 Confirm HTML 4.01 compliance on all pages in this section and on index pages of all sections.  Propogate into notes section.  This is part of a unification where I don't want to do more pages until I have consistency with what there already is.
  2004-02-29 Make sure that all pages in this section have the correct FrontPage Style Sheets.  Review the index pages of all sections and propogate this into other construction zones, as in notes.
  2004-02-28 I am doing some major tidying in the Project Section.  This should propogate to the Notes section and all placeholders before I do much more.
  2004-02-28 Get title-block font and format consistency everywhere in this construction section and also in the construction structure of all folders.  Project into all construction zones.
2007-08-05 Reflect this repaving in the repaving project diary and job jar page (c070801).  Look at how done on ODMdev if needed.
2007-08-05 Go from default.asp to default.htm.  This should have priority over index.htm if I played my cards right.  [dh:2007-08-07 The change of name worked just great and the page has priority over index.htm.]
2007-08-05 Change it to Construction Material, not Construction Office: default.asp, index.htm, construction.htm, c000001, c000000, c000000a,
done 2007-08-05 Move items that are about overall matters to the front-porch, overall Construction Zone.
done 2007-08-05 We need to do something about the default.asp page.  It is not valuable to have, but this page is not great.  It needs to link construction structure.  Maybe it should have construction colors or construction material style too.  Think about it. [dh:2007-08-05 It uses construction material templates and it has a simple portal format for what will be available here at some point.  It can always link to the construction.htm page for more information, as well.]
done 2007-08-05 Figure out the proper threading of the construction zone pages of this section.  [dh:2007-08-05 The only links to Construction Zone pages are from index.htm pages which always find the prevailing zone and from construction.htm pages which find their superior construction zone.  There are to be no other links to construction zone pages as part of the construction structure. From #58.117]
done 2007-08-05 Check the fragment IDs and how lower-case ones are handled in backlinking from the folios.  [dh:2007-08-05 In Internet Explorer 7.0, the fragment identifiers are treated as case-insensitive.  I don't know if that is the rule for HTML or not, nor for HTTP, but it means that the site won't appear broken to some browsers even while we repave.  So we will go for it.]
done 2007-08-05 Update the construction structure of this Construction Section based on the ODMdev model for this much: index.htm, construction.htm, c000000 (and c000000a), and c000001.
done 2007-08-05 When updating the c000001 catalog page, figure out whether to bite the bullet on the fragment IDs for the accession entries in the catalog.  [dh:2007-08-04 I went to all lower case everywhere in the catalog page.  Now I need to see what works in the browser.]
done 2006-01-19 Move C000005 to templates/00/ enough so that we can move Creative Commons licensing to ODMdev
done 2006-01-19 Move C000004 to templates/00/ enough so that we can move Creative Commons licensing to ODMdev
done 2006-01-19 Customize the templates/ and templates/00/ index.htm pages.
done 2006-01-19 Rename C000001-log to C000001 and see if it sticks.
done 2006-01-19 Recalculate hyperlinks so that we can edit in the new connectivity.
done 2006-01-19 Clean up the sharing of templates/00/C000003-C000003f to the hosted-site image [dh:2006-01-19 Delete the versions at the construction level and then share templates/ to the image.]
done 2006-01-19 Bring the index.htm pages from ODMdev construction/templates to here.
done 2006-01-19 In VSS bring the ODMdev construction/templates/00/C000003 and C000003a to the same place here for customization as nfoWare construction/templates/00/C000003 and C000003a.
done 2006-01-19 Delete C000003d
done 2006-01-19 Move C000003 to templates/00/C000003 just to get the catalog to follow it.
done 2006-01-19 Branch and rename templates/00/C000003a to C000003b
done 2006-01-19 Move C000003b to templates/00/C000003c branching as needed
done 2006-01-19 Rename construction/templates/00/C000003c to C000003d and make sure it is still relinked by FrontPage. - This requires branching before VSS can do the job, for some reason. 
done 2006-01-19 Move C000003c from construction/ to construction/templates/00/ and see if it is relinked by FrontPage.
done 2006-01-19 Move C000003e from construction/ to construction/templates/00/ and see if it is relinked by FrontPage.
done 2006-01-19 Move C000003f from construction/ to construction/templates/00/ and see if it is relinked by FrontPage.
done 2006-01-19 Move C000003a from  construction/ to construction/templates/00/ and see if it is relinked by FrontPage.
done 2006-01-19 Create a templates/00 hierarchy, but don't add construction structure yet.
2005-12-25 The construction structure and construction material "you are here" messages are ugly.  We want to use cleaner ones and also introduce the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license. 
2004-03-14 Add construction structure to the hastily-created XML section.  It has no directory or index page.
2005-12-24 The front porch needs a construction zone just like other sites. 
done 2004-03-06 Use the nfoWare style on the entrance nfoWare.htm page.
2004-01-12 Add a text section.  I am not sure how to describe the scope of that, but I want to have it for starters.  There are useful ways to process text, create text, etc.  The concern is the leap from text to page and print and what that does.  It may be a good way to illustrate the difficulties of change of abstraction in this realm of data.  We'll see.
done 2004-01-17 Add text section to the growing index on the nfoWare.htm page.
done 2004-01-17 Add an index.htm to the text section
done 2004-01-16 Add meaning to the nfoWare.htm page and also clean up any notes that I can about that.
2004-01-12 Add an index.htm to the meaning section.  
2004-01-12 Add a meaning section - I need to do this because what things mean and what is information or what is informative about data is important to talk about so I might as well put that stake in the ground now.  This will be the "What's it all mean, Alfie?" chapter.  An interesting case is how meaning of some data is obtained by reference to an external object/context in an explicit way.  I am thinking of the ISO/IEC scheme of object identifiers in ASN.1 and the administration of those identifiers for learning more than syntax elsewhere.  If you're a human.
2004-01-10 Add toolcraft to the nfoWare.htm and refer to it from the trust/index.htm
2004-01-10 Add an index.htm to the toolcraft section
2004-01-10 Add a toolcraft section
done 2004-01-10 Add trust to the nfoWare.htm introduction page.
done 2004-01-10 The trust section may not be all of Situating Trust.  But there are some confirmable-experience related elements that need a place to go right away.  In addition, the signing of data (including software code) and making of security/trust assertions is relevant to Situating Data.  So we will go ahead and also reflect the ambivalence about where it is all covered in index.htm of the trust section.
done 2004-01-10 Add an index.htm to the trust section
done 2004-01-10 Add a trust section
done 2004-01-08 On C000000a, change the title to break where I want (after Initial-Publication); Also change "and" to "&" on the C000000 page.
done 2004-01-08 Review the bottom block, especially the where we are part, on nfoWare.htm.  Compare with the approach on the index.htm page.  Should index.htm ever be reached cloaked?  It isn't here, and It should not be from any Hard Hat logo in the construction block.  The only way index.htm is reached cloaked is when it is reached as a default page.  That can be completely handled there.
done 2004-01-08 Add the glossary section to the links on the nfoWare.htm page.
2004-01-05 When cloaking is operating, prune this job jar so that the long list of initial completed items is moved off into an archive sub-page.
0.02 2007-08-05-12:11 Initiation of Construction Office Repaving
The section is renamed and adjusted under the 2007-08-04 repaving activity.  This is a proof-of-concept for some of the case-sensitivity reconciliation activities to be applied to all sections of this and the other sites.
0.01 2004-01-08-12:15 Refine Initial Presence (orcmid)
Continue on the remaining initial open items, working towards a stable, delimited web presence.  Expand on confirmable experience as it applies to the web presence and making the web presence an engineered activity.
0.00 2004-01-02-09:50 Initial Site Configuration Setup (orcmid)
Begin the site creation based on and information on other nfoCentrale sites.  Take to the point where an initial web presence is established and visible at <>.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)
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