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You're at the /data section of the web site.  This section is the entry point for the nfoWare on-line book, Situating Data.  It is the book's web presence.  For now.

Here you will find discussion of

Well, maybe you won't find discussion of all that.  In which case, we'll account for why not and where else, at least in the understructure of Situating Data.

To get our arms around data, we may look at all of the situations that account for those items.  The idea, though, is to confine our inquiry and produce useful and relatively self-contained chunks.  Some areas may never be given any kind of critical exploration.  It depends on what may be needed as a foundation for the results we are out to achieve.  At the moment, this is exploratory and provisional speculation. Putting flesh on these items on behalf of Situating Data it will refine and reshape this agenda.

This treatment prepares us to consider data among the worlds of the abstract, of language, of computation, of our experience, and of manifestations in nature.  We consider "higher-level" situations, as data in trust, the trust of data, the provenance of data, the alternation of data, data as records, data as documents, and so on.  We also single out some fundamental "building blocks" of data in particular situations, giving special standing to the bit.  There are some notes that will be useful to see how this is developing.

This section is in early construction preparations.  There will be further expansion of descriptive material as we get going.

This page, index.htm, is part of the engineering, construction management, maintenance, and infrastructure of  You are welcome to explore and see how the site is constructed.   Just don't forget your hard hat.

This is not the main entrance to the Situating Data web presence.   The entrance is at the data default page.   If you are unable to reach or navigate beyond the default entry, return later.  The entrance is blocked off whenever the construction crew is blasting in the area. 

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