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  2016-11-02 Consider whether g000000 and g000001 are needed.  Will there be a subordinate folder structure or will this be via the current document engineering approach for professional-appearance materials? I'm inclined to continue the document engineering.  [dh:2017-05-03 That seems how we are going, with a mix of both.  This may mean there is a substructure for games.  Not clear yet.]] 
2016-11-02 g000001.htm: clean-up with no items and as a tentative placeholder [dh:2017-05-03 includes g170201]
2016-11-02 g000000.htm: clean up for now - keeping as a tentative placeholder.
done 2016-11-02 gaming/ stitch into the site construction structure
done 2016-11-02 Review the cloned work items for any needed here
done 2016-11-02 Customize the construction.htm for gaming
done 2016-11-02 Rename from games/ to gaming/ which works much better in my thinking.
done 2016-11-02

This material conforms to the
2007-08-04 stage of the Site Repaving Project.  Check those pages for additional details of the approach and the styles. 
Contact the nfoWare author with questions and to report any subsequent defects that you notice.

done 2016-11-02 Clone Construction Zone and Structure from nfoWare /toolcraft for further customization as the new games/ section.
0.00 2016-11-02-12:25 Establish gaming/ Construction Zone
Branch this construction zone from /info and customize it for nfoWare /toolcraft.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

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