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You're at the /glossary section of an web site.  This section provides the glossary that is part of the nfoWare effort.  The first use of the glossary will be in support of Situating Data.

This section is in early construction preparations.  There will be further expansion of descriptive material as we get going.

A major challenge for the glossary is undertaking of a spiral development approach that does not spiral out of control:

This page, index.htm, is part of the engineering, construction management, maintenance, and infrastructure of  You are welcome to explore and see how the site is constructed.   Just don't forget your hard hat.

This is not the main entrance to the glossary web presence.   The entrance is at the glossary default page.   If you are unable to reach or navigate beyond the default entry, return later.  The entrance is blocked off whenever the construction crew is blasting in the area. 

Hard Hat Area


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