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Superior Structure: nfoWare Construction Structure
nfoWare Construction Zone
Local Infrastructure: construction.htm  notes Construction Zone
     c000000.htm  notes Construction Job Jar & Diary
       index.htm notes Construction Structure (this page)
Immediate Content:      n000000.htm  notes Content Job Jar & Diary
     n000001.htm  nfoNotes Catalog
     n040100.htm  Bootstrapping Confirmable Experience (tombstone)
     n040200.htm  Situating Confirmable Experience (tombstone)
     n040201.htm  Confirmable Scholarship (tombstone)
                                         Tombstones are include pages from folios that have since been moved.
                                         The tombstone is an effective redirection to the new location that allows
                                         links to these original locations to be preserved.
Subordinate Structure:          2004  Notes initiated in 2004, etc.

Tombstones and the subordinate structure are not expected to be entered by navigation.  The nfoNotes Catalog provides the definitive access to the individual nfoNotes that are created deeper in the subordinate structure.

Related Materials: Construction Material
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Construction Zone (Hard Hat Area)
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