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You're at the /text section of an web site.  This section is for material that supports the development of nfoWare and the on-line book, Situating Data.  

We will review what has historically been "text," whether manuscript, typescript, or something painted on a cave wall.  A key aspect of text is that it carries something intended for human comprehension and the evocation of that does not require the presence of the author of the text.  Texts are authored artifacts.  There is overlap with the notion of document as well as book, article, etc.

In looking at text in the context of nfoWare, I am thinking that it is valuable to stop short of compound documents, multi-media presentations, and so on.  That means, to me, that we won't dig into the web here, even though web pages can be said to be conveyed as text files (to the browser).

We arrive at text files and text processing by building up from bits, bytes, files, characters, glyphs, fonts, and codes.  It is part of a fundamental approach to coding of data, although not all electronic data is text.  We may also look at the historical emergence of text files as carriers of continuous streams of text rather than records of text representing lines.

The nfoWare tools for creating, processing, and viewing text will fall into the console application area of toolcraft.  We will also look at the leap from text to page and print.  Because one may employ text graphics and assume a particular text layout or format, we get to look at the change of abstraction around text documents and the impact of format assumptions preservation (e.g., in rendering text graphics and other layout).  When the layout/medium is part of the message, how do we maintain or recognize meaning?

This section is in early construction preparations.  There will be further expansion of descriptive material as we get going.

This page, index.htm, is part of the engineering, construction management, maintenance, and infrastructure of  You are welcome to explore and see how the site is constructed.   Just don't forget your hard hat.

This is not the official entrance to the text section.   The entrance is at the text default page.   If you are unable to reach or navigate beyond the default entry, return later.  The entrance is blocked off whenever the construction crew is blasting in the area. 

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