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  2017-06-02 t170601: Customize as the placeholder for ComFix: Command-Line Prefix for the [+][*][?] pattern and also how to ignore them.
  2017-03-19 The [+][*] ? and [+][*]... patterns are an implementation pattern.  They might serve more than one pattern.  The "?" case is rather special.  These are their own toolcraft patterns for command lines on batch files.  They also need to change so that it can be command-line parsing just as much as batch file and script parameter parsing.  That means these should not look like wild cards, etc.  There needs to be some good rationale here.  See #74.26 and environs.
  2017-03-19 The folder "readme" pattern and tying to the folder name is a pattern of its own, separate from how that works in packaged materials.  There may need to be separate folio for that implementation pattern that is more broad.  This has there be nothing else with the name of the folder.   When the folder has the name of a deliverable, instances of the deliverable at that level must have versioned names.
  2017-03-19 t170302: Make about the manifest/description pattern.   Double-check how that works with respect to folder naming.  This holds up in nfoTools/devKits/WinDev/VCbinder and WinConKit.  It works in VCbinder because the VCbinder packages have versioned names.  Likewise for WinConKit.   These are never put at the uinversioned generic level anywhere - they are always extracted and then integrated somewhere.
  2007-08-24 When we have a good entrance to toolcraft, we can also update the front porch of nfoWare.
  2007-08-24 Create a hello worlds folio that covers the VC++ cases and maybe more.
  2007-08-24 Replace the toolcraft default with a page that has the same qualities as the ODMdev default page.
  2007-08-24 Create a toolcraft image like the ODMdev image, but based on the toolcraft symbology.
in progress


2007-08-24 Establish a folio on the craft of toolcraft, t070801 and have its initial content supply the current default page (via document engineering).  Then have it supply the toolcraft.htm page.  Have that provide links to the catalog and job jar.  We will figure out smoother organization later.
  2007-08-24 The toolcraft default page contains material that should be reflected in a separate about toolcraft, the craft of toolcraft, etc., page.  The default page should provide an entrance and on-ramp in the manner of a home page, or the ODMdev entrance page.
  2007-08-11 Figure out what to do with the materials that have been save in these folders but not customized yet.  It may be necessary to create some sort of project for that.  This is q050901 and q050902 in 2006/01/
  2007-08-09 Review the 2006/01 materials from ODMA FAQtips 2005/09 and see how to accommodate/adapt them
  2007-08-09 Review the root construction zone and the notes on the present index.htm for possible work items here.
  2006-05-20 has a neat article on running VS with SUA and ways to get it to work.
  2006-05-20 Something about Computer Driving Licenses and general fluency involving personal and office computing and understanding the computing milieu is appropriate.  I think it belongs here, because it is all about craft. [dh:2007-08-31 This is something different than Toolcraft and deals with fluency.  I need to tie the two together at some point.]
  2006-05-20 I need to deal with Windows Fluency and how to get it, broadly and well enough to use Windows Developer tools perhaps.  There needs to be an article on that.
  2005-12-25 The choice topics are Visual C++ 2005 Express, the Java 2 SE JDK the Visual C++ Toolkit 2003, and those office-productivity packages that support public XML formats.
  2004-02-15 The My Computer properties display shows Environment Variables on the System Properties display.  Find a way to replace CMD with 4NT, and see if it works.  Make this a toolcraft note.  [dh:2007-08-31 from the nfoWare notes/ job jar.] 
  2004-02-13 Identify Telnet as a toolcraft/user-agent for learning about protocols. [dh:2007-08-31 from the nfoWare notes/ job jar.]
  2004-02-13 Start compiling toolcraft and nomenclature notes from my reading in [Kurose2003].  [dh:2007-08-31 from the nfoWare notes/ job jar.]
  2004-01-10 I was thinking about toolcraft in the context of publishing.  That's an interesting wrinkle.  The single-source idea to Help Documents, for example, is relevant here.  This had me then think about CHM as different than JavaDoc and why.  (JavaDoc is more like man pages for classes, which is a good thing, just not the same as on-line help).  Then I could think about CBT.  And then I am thinking about toolcraft in a serious way.  Do we move up to the MS Office Systems level or do we stay with open, preservable materials and publicly-defined formats.  That is, TeX, PDF (?!), and XML-based documents?  Another area for coherence and maybe a tie-in to Englebart's OHS.  [dh:2007-08-31 from the nfoWare notes/ job jar.]
2017-03-05 t170301: Is about WinCon Construction Sets and what the idea is.
2017-02-12 t170201: Is about Construction Sets.  This is a toolcraft pattern.  See #74.29
2007-08-09 t070801: Start a Craft of Toolcraft folio for discussing the nature of toolcraft and its connection with craft work.
done 2007-08-29 I need a "conforms to repaving" item, or else I can maybe just use the c3?  I need to look at it. [dh:2007-08-30 c070801c4 was adopted and this will hold.]

The Content Material here was successfully repaved as part of the
2007-08-04 stage of the Site Repaving Project.  Check those pages for additional details of the approach to correction and upgrade. 
Contact the nfoWare author with questions and to report any subsequent defects that you notice.

2007-08-04 Review the toolNotes content pages for case-sensitivity among page names, URL links, link texts, and text mentions: t060101, t060301, t060302, t060501
2007-08-04 While performing reviews, identify any additional adjustments that are required to have consistency with the latest formats, styles, and organization of materials.
2007-08-10 It is toolNote and toolNotes throughout (in honor of "t" in favor over "T").
2007-08-04 Have the normal-content construction-structure images links upward to the appropriate construction zone, or other superior structure. [dh:2007-08-09 The rule is that all pages link to the construction structure (index.htm) except for index.htm itself, which points to the prevailing construction zone.  The new tables for index.htm and construction.htm pages take care of the rest.]
2007-08-04 Review the toolNotes catalog  for case-sensitive consistency among page names, URL links, link texts, and text mentions.
done 2007-08-09 t000000, t000001: Make sure the Hard Hat logo links to the Construction Structure and nothing else
done 2007-08-04 Setup repaving for the toolcraft content.
done 2005-12-25 Customize for ToolNotes so we can get going here.
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