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t000000 Tasks current
2005-12-25 Diary and Job Jar
t000001 Catalog current
2005-12-25 ToolNotes Catalog (this page)
t170301 Toolcraft 0.0.0
2017-03-10 WinCon Construction Sets
t170201 Toolcraft 0.0.0
2017-02-12 Construction Sets
t070801 Toolcraft placeholder 2007-08-24 The Craft in Toolcraft
t060501 Command-Line Operation 0.01 2007-08-11 2006-05-20 Windows Console Sessions
t060302 C/C++ Windows Programming 0.01 2007-08-12 2006-03-29 Using VC++ 2005 Express Edition
t060301 Programming Systems 0.01 2007-08-13 2006-03-23 Computer Arithmetic Gotchas
t060101 C/C++ Programming 0.20 2007-08-13 2006-01-22 C/C++ Programming Resources
0.0.1 2007-08-09-14:59 Adjust for the Repaving
The adjustments needed for repaving of this section and its increased usage are made to the catalog.  In addition with unifying the construction block and case-sensitivity of URLs and link text, the use of face="monospace" for the accession-number IDs has been done consistently.
0.00 2005-12-26-11:30 Create initial empty catalog
Catalog structure is scavenged from TROSTing/info and customized to provide an empty working catalog for nfoWare ToolNotes.  Entries are added as new material is introduced.  The entries are updated to reflect maintenance on the cataloged materials.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

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