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You're at the /trust section of an web site.  The early work in this section deals with trust in the context of  Situating Data.  The initial materials may be rather disorganized but this provides an initial place for collecting what can be refined later.

Trust is a very broad context, but some of the trust-related technologies come up fairly early in the treatment of data:

For the moment, this is not an all-encompassing treatment of trust, reliance of formal methods, and so on.  For broader treatment of trust, consult

A major challenge for treatment of trust here is that we are looking, primarily at the situation of data related to trust.  There will be at least one Trust Spiral round on creating trust structures that apply to nfoWare.  It is not clear how that will be handled just yet, and what further rounds will be needed beyond the first.

This page, index.htm, is part of the engineering, construction management, maintenance, and infrastructure of nfoWare.  You are welcome to explore and see how the site is constructed.   Just don't forget your hard hat.

This is not the main entrance to the Trust section.   The entrance is at the trust default page.   If you are unable to reach or navigate beyond the default entry, return later.  The entrance is blocked off whenever the construction crew is blasting in the area. 

Hard Hat Area


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